Pretty Girl Christmas

it’s a pretty girl christmas

Every Pretty Girl deserves our Holiday Collection. The collection was inspired by my love for Christmas. I absolutely adore gift sets and wanted to create my own for the Pretty Girl Gang to enjoy. Each element was handpicked and designed to ensure that your pretty is preserved nicely for Christmas. Every color carries its own distinct signature. There are four new Pretty Girl Colors that are absolutely amazing. Star (royal blue), Sangria (wine), Emerald (green) and Treasure (gold). Sangria is for those that love deep, dark, warm hues. Emerald is vibrant, rich and intense. Star was inspired by the one and only, Dallas Cowboys and Treasure is for all of the gold, shimmer, and glitter loving ladies. The luxurious black satin robe is guaranteed to have any woman feeling beautiful. Whether you love to snuggle up in a robe after a long bath or a robe is your favorite thing to throw on during your morning routine, the Pretty Girl Robe is a must have. The monogram and lace embellishment add a perfect splash of sexiness. The soft, comfortable Pretty Girl Gang T-shirt is fun and can be paired with your favorite jeans, tights, or yoga pants. It can be dressed up or down. The Pretty Girl Gang is definitely squad goals. Lastly, the calming Lavender & Cedarwood satin linen spray is sure to help you relax after a long day and enable you to obtain a peaceful night’s rest. Spray your pillow a few minutes before bed time and allow the all-natural satin spray to put you right to sleep. I promise this satin spray will become your new bestie. May your holidays be filled with tons of love, cherished memories and all things pretty. It’s a “Pretty Girl” Christmas! Order yours today! It will be perfect for any woman in your life.