There is nothing more frustrating than sitting in the salon for hours, walking out feeling like a model, and waking up the next day looking nothing like you did the night before. There is also the agony of sleeping on your face, numb arms, and the attitude that comes with sleep deprivation. These are some of the reasons, the Pretty Girl Pillow was created.  The Pretty Girl Pillow allows you to obtain a full nights rest and wake up with hair and lashes intact.

Ashley Turner
Designer & Founder

“After years of sleepless nights attempting to preserve my fresh hairstyle and flawless mink eyelash extensions, I’ve invented the Pretty Girl Pillow. This amazing creation allows one to sleep comfortably and literally wake up with hair intact and ready to roll.”


Pretty Girl Difference

There are three unique elements of the Pretty Girl Pillow that separate it from any other beauty pillow on the market. The first unique component is the satin fabric. The luxurious satin cover of the pillow is like a breath of fresh air. It keeps your body temperature cool and allows your hair & skin to retain its own natural oils. Sleeping on cotton and other fabrics create friction which ultimately results in bending, creasing, tugging, and excessive loss of your eyelash extensions. When sleeping on satin, there is no friction so therefore lashes glide seamlessly across the fabric. Sleeping on satin also allows you to wake up without sleep lines or wrinkles. Satin also reduces frizzing and minimizes tangles which reduces breakage. Satin pillows are effective at preventing hair loss and are recommended for those that suffer with alopecia, cancer and many other conditions. Lastly, it extends the life of your hairstyle and the amino acids present in the lining helps clear your complexion and leaves the skin smoother and softer. The second key element, is its custom u-shape, which allows you the ability to lie completely down to obtain a full nights rest. It is wide and long enough to accommodate both your neck and shoulder. It can be easily manipulated and is extremely comfortable for side and back sleepers. The last unique element of the Pretty Girl Pillow is the chic dust bag that can be used for convenient storage and travel. You can now protect and maintain your “Pretty” no matter where you are. Lastly, the entire pillow is washable. Wash it in cold water on the delicate cycle and dry it on the permanent press setting. ”

The Pretty Girl Pillow is absolutely amazing. Experience fresher hairstyles and longer/fuller eyelash extensions between maintenance appointments. Join the Pretty Girl Gang today so that you too can indisputably proclaim, “I WOKE UP LIKE THIS!